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     Mold Co., Ltd. Taizhou Nikko is a joint venture. Luqiao bridge is located in Industrial Park, 3 km from the airport, Taizhou, Zhejiang, 3 km from the 104 national highway, the production plant covers an area of more than 12,000 square meters and set CNC machining, mold manufacturing, injection molding three workshops, the registered capital of 1.66 million U.S. dollars.
     After ten years of development and growth the company now has more than 220 employees, in more than 80 vocational and technical personnel, more than 20 professional management, with CAD / CAM design center, CNC machining centers, coordinate testing, line cutting, electric pulse, injection molding machines and other kinds of high-tech production equipment more than 40. Enterprise has long been involved in automobile, motorcycle and household appliances such as plastic mold design, manufacturing and plastics processing, To mold the system for the industrial base,In the continuous development and growth in the industry has always been a leader.
     Mold in the automotive industry in recent years. And engine engineering plastic parts manufacturing has made great progress, especially in automobile engine intake manifold manufacturing plastic mold and develop the design mold with Tianjin University, Chongqing Zongshen 465QE petrol machine plastic intake manifold; Ningbojili 4G18 automotive intake manifold, Fit car intake manifold, SAIC Roewe cars KV6 intake manifold, NAC NV6 intake manifold and other major domestic automobile manufacturers project. Automotive mold plastic intake manifold, is the first company in the development of domestic manufacturers. Division I for some plastic intake manifold manufacturers to develop mold over a dozen models, have accumulated some experience.
     The company has passed ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification, dozens of specialized units of domestic and foreign recognition, and get their praise. Overall quality of our products meet industry standards, quality and technical level of special projects ahead of the foreign into the domestic level first.
     In "people-oriented faith in the people" concept, the production and operation of enterprises, product positioning and business development direction of the overall planning, sound management structure and business rules. Company objective: "Safety, Science and Technology to develop the quality of domestic and foreign markets to target customer needs.

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